The company produces and sells products and black plastic bags, including bags of the type used in official bags and rolls of plastic.

The company A team that knows all about a total of 200 people to co-produce plastic products meet the needs of customers at any time and

due to deliver on schedule.The delivery schedule an appointment and for the product in question from the production company Black Back

Pack Recycling Limited.

       Started operation since 1993. We specialize in the manufacture of plastic bags in Ireland. With rich experience Both plastic
bags Plastic roll of all sizes, printed bags, clear bags. Our competitive advantage in the production of goods as required. To meet customer
demand for more than 19 years.The Company Reassure customers A determination to improve the focus on quality control. All stages of
production.Accreditation meets the customers. By focusing on delivering products on time.
       So customers get products to meet the needs of enterprises with good after-sales service continued throughout the company grew
steadily.It is known in the field of plastic bags are well received by the trust of customers throughout the company's need to accelerate
performance improvement.Work in all aspects, including the development and use of modern machinery. To meet customer demand for the best.

Update : 2017-10-25